Personal Shopping Consultant

We will simplify your life while inspiring your style. You will save stress, invaluable time and money, while your bottom line for greater personal and professional success will increase. Working with your unique body, budget and lifestyle, we will share our style secrets and strategies to ensure you will exude confidence while looking effortlessly stylish every day. 

299 Euro , 6 hours


Smart Style Package 

A Smart Style Package will ensure that you get a more comprehensive experience, resulting in lasting changes of your style habits. You will look at your best all year long, with a personal stylist at your fingertips! Use your hours for any combination of Closet Styling and Personal Shopping services. You can spread your hours among the seasons, and also use them for special events and vacations throughout the year.

449 Euro,  14 hours


Closet Styling

Having trouble combining the right outfits with what you already own? Just don't know which pieces to keep and which to dispose? Can't see the pretty things in your closet anymore? This is what Closet Styling is for. We will inventorize your closet, advise you on what to keep, and will compose new outfits from your current collection. The result is a structured closet that puts a big smile on your face instead of the 'What shall I wear today?' feeling.

99 Euro, 2 hours


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